"The many artworks we have had built by Atomic Fabrications have all turned out great.  Atomic is always up for whatever new challenge we throw their way.  Patrick is a creative problem solver and is helpful at developing design details and finding solutions when unforeseen circumstances come up.  We will continue to work with them whenever possible and recommend them to other artists.”

                                                                             -Laura Haddad, Haddad-Drugan


Our crew strives to produce the highest quality work for all projects, large or small.  We are a great fit when timelines and quality matter.  Find out how our capabilities can meet your fabrication needs!

Our capabilities include: cutting, shearing, CNC forming and machining, rolling, notching, punching, welding, finishing, polishing, patina/blackening, painting, assembly, and delivery.  

Outside capabilities include: laser, water jet, anodizing, galvanizing, powder coating, plating